Buy bitcoins? Analysts suspect the main phase will start

Bitcoin has experienced a strong rally in the past few weeks and today, in line with the bullish outlook for 2021, the Bitcoin price has exploded by almost 12% to currently $ 32,687.

Analysts believe Bitcoin’s main bull phase has now come. This comes despite some concerns shared months ago that the cryptocurrency market was due for excessive consolidation due to the pandemic and its impact on global markets.

Bitcoin is now in its main bull phase, according to crypto analyst Willy Woo:

„If you are looking for a way to start hoarding Bitcoin for the long term, you shouldn’t get into the hell out of it. You won’t sweat a few thousand dollars on an imperfect entry if it’s $ 100k, $ 200k, $ 300k in a year … the main bull phase is here. The capital inflows are insane. “

Above all, he cites the incredible amount of capital inflows towards Bitcoin that are currently being recorded. Technology analyst Kevin Rooke observed in December that the Grayscale Investments BTC Trust (GBTC) bought nearly 13,000 BTC from the market in a single day. He wrote:

“Bad news for BTC bears. Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust just raised 12,319 BTC into $ GBTC in a single day. That’s more than the 11,512 BTC they added during all of last week when BTC broke its ATH. “

Will there be setbacks in Bitcoin? Indeed! Will Bitcoin Reach $ 100,000 Or More? That is difficult to answer, but one should be aware that the price has risen extremely in the past and that large players such as Microstrategy, PayPal, Fidelity and more are now in the market and are buying up Bitcoin as a hedge against fiat currencies. To put it simply, there won’t be more than 21 million bitcoins.

Strong interest in Bitcoin

To confirm the feeling that Bitcoin is in a bull market, data shows that there is strong interest in the leading cryptocurrency.

Pantera Capital, a leading crypto asset fund, found that there is a huge amount of retail demand for Bitcoin, as evidenced by PayPal’s crypto volumes. On this subject the company wrote:

In the USA it is already possible to invest in Bitcoin directly via PayPal. In Europe this will probably also be available towards the end of 2021. If you still want to invest securely in Bitcoin with PayPal , we recommend these instructions: Buy Bitcoins with PayPal

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En steg-för-steg-guide till Binance Exchange – del I

Binance är ett av de mest kända kryptovalutautbytena som erbjuder sina användare en säker och snabb handelsupplevelse. Börsen stöder mer än 200 kryptovalutor.

Binance är ett tredjeparts utbyte av kryptovaluta som tillåter användare att köpa / sälja ett stort antal kryptovalutor såväl som fiatvaluta.

Det är en av de snabbaste och största (per handelsvolym), kryptobörser i världen

Bitcoin Future börsen grundades av Changpeng Zhao i juli 2017 och var ursprungligen baserat i Kina, men på grund av ökande regler har företaget nu flyttat sitt huvudkontor till den europeiska ön nationen Malta.

Förutom att stödja ett stort antal kryptovalutapar, erbjuder plattformen en mycket låg handelsavgift och avancerade säkerhetsfunktioner. Således har plattformen inom 2,5 år fått betydande antagande bland kryptoanvändare och blev den största kryptobörsen per handelsvolym i världen. För närvarande hanterar plattformen ungefär en genomsnittlig daglig volym på 2 miljarder med 1 400 000+ transaktioner per sekund.

BNB är den ursprungliga symbolen för Binance- plattformen och används för att betala transaktionsavgifter på börsen

Vi kommer att göra en serie guider som utforskar alla detaljer i Binance-utbytet.

Säkerhetsöverträdelser tidigare. Plattformen har emellertid meddelat att det skapats en ”säker tillgångsfond för användare” (SAFU) som kommer att lagra 10 procent av alla handelsavgifter för att täcka förluster i extrema situationer.

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Bitstamp suspends XRP trading and deposits for its US clients

Bitstamp is the first major exchange to suspend trading and XRP filings following SEC allegations. Other platforms may follow suit.

Bitstamp suspends trading and filings by XRP for its US clients.
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Bitstamp suspends the XRP
The cryptomonaie platform Bitstamp announced on Saturday 26 December that it would temporarily cease trading and XRP deposits for all its American clients following accusations by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC):

„In light of the recent complaint filed by the SEC against Ripple Labs Inc. alleging that XRP is a security, we will cease all trading and filings of XRP for our U.S. customers on January 8, 2021 at 21:00 UTC. »

Thus, Bitstamp’s restrictions will only apply to US customers. In addition, XRP withdrawals from customers located in the United States will still be permitted.

Bitstamp is the first major exchange to suspend XRP trading. Smaller platforms such as Beaxy, Cross Tower and OSL have already taken the plunge.

In addition, there have been rumours that Coinbase has entered into discussions with lawyers regarding a delinsting of XRP. Coinbase is in a delicate position as the exchange is currently preparing its IPO with the SEC. As a precautionary measure, the platform could withdraw the XRP.

👉 Read more on the same subject: SEC takes Ripple to court – XRP price collapses and delistings begin
Other reactions
Bitwise, a fund manager of cryptomoney funds, also liquidated $9.3 million of XRP held in its Crypto Index:

„Bitwise 10 Crypto Index Fund does not invest in assets that may be considered securities under federal or state law. »

MoneyGram, the global money transfer service, has also clarified the nature of its partnership with Ripple. In a press release issued on December 23, MoneyGram revealed that it has never used Ripple’s counterparty services, namely the On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) and RippleNet for foreign exchange transactions.

While MoneyGram has quickly changed course, Japanese financial group SBI Holdings said the SEC lawsuit does not yet affect its partnership. Ripple’s preferred partner said :

„As far as we are aware, the lawsuit is ongoing and no injunction has been issued against Ripple, the company continues to operate as usual and to expand RippleNet. »

The XRP rate fell from $0.63 to $0.23, a drop of almost 63% in one week. XRP is trading at $0.276 at the time of writing.

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Miami mayor praises Bitcoin as ’stable investment

Miami mayor praises Bitcoin as ’stable investment product‘ in times of crisis

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez is the next influential person to publicly praise Bitcoin (BTC), further highlighting the adoption of the market-leading cryptocurrency.

In a related tweet on Thursday, Suarez calls Bitcoin a „stable investment product in a year marked by incredible instability“. He added that he has been educated about the Bitcoin Blueprint digital currency by prominent crypto experts such as Tyler Winklevoss and Anthony Pompliano.

Great insight into how @Bitcoin has been a stable investment during and incredibly unstable year…currently reading Bitcoin Billionaires @tyler. @APompliano any other good reads?
– Mayor Francis Suarez (@FrancisSuarez) December 24, 2020

Both Winklevoss and Pompliano subsequently responded to Suarez’s tweet. Tyler, for example, said he plans to bring the Miami mayor, along with his brother Cameron, a signed copy of their book „Bitcoin Billionaires“ the next time they’re in town.

Miami is well on the way to becoming the Bitcoin city
– Pomp (@APompliano) December 24, 2020

Pompliano, meanwhile, said Miami is well on its way to becoming the first „Bitcoin city“ in the US. This idea was echoed by another Twitter user, who suggested that the mayor incorporate blockchain technology into the city’s political life. Suarez doesn’t seem averse to this, as he replied, „We’ll definitely look into that!“

Absolutely exploring that @APompliano @GrapefruitTrade
– Mayor Francis Suarez (@FrancisSuarez) December 24, 2020

Francis Suarez was elected mayor of Miami in November 2017 as a non-partisan candidate

Prior to his career in politics, he had worked as a lawyer and worked in real estate.

Miami is being touted as one of the most interesting hubs for cryptocurrencies in the US, due to the city’s lax regulation and abundant capital. The North American Bitcoin Conference, attended by notable industry figures such as Charles Hoskinson, Roger Ver and Riccardo Sagni, was held in Miami earlier this year.

The current skyrocketing of the market-leading cryptocurrency, driven by increased interest from major investors and corporations, has put Bitcoin back in the spotlight. Adoption of the cryptocurrency is increasingly seen as an advantage in times of crisis and economic uncertainty.

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Binance’s trading volume is the highest ever: $37 billion in one day

The volume of trade in the world’s most popular crypto currency exchange has skyrocketed after a rise in the three major tokens.

With Bitcoin trading at less than $1,000 from its December 2017 high of $19,891, trading on the large Binance crypto currency exchange is also reaching a new record with a volume of more than $37 billion in the last 24 hours.

According to CoinMarketCap data, Binance’s daily trading volume has reached $37,291,444,117, a 40.5% increase in the last 24 hours. Last week, the analysis site reported $25 billion in trading volume for Binance.

In addition, the open interest of Bitcoin futures (BTC) in Binance reached an all-time high of $1.17 billion, according to the Glassnode cryptanalysis site.

The rise accompanies the upward movement in the prices of the major cryptoactives. Bitcoin’s price is over $19,100 at the close of this edition, up 4% from yesterday; Ether (ETH) has risen over 25% in the last week to $605; and yesterday XRP rose to an annual high of $0.73 after more than doubling in the space of a week.

Although the exchange is attracting more trading activity than ever before, it is doing so without the US users. Several US-based Twitter users have reported an email from Binance informing them that they have 14 days to close their accounts. The exchange said the accounts will be blocked if they do not withdraw all the funds by the deadline. Binance has been restricted to users living in the US since September 2019.

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$ 165 million in Bitcoin transferred for just $ 1.20 in fees

Bitcoin is known for its large transactions at low fees.

A user just sent $ 165 million worth of bitcoin with a fee totaling around $ 1.20.

Bitcoin may be the easiest and most efficient way to send large sums of money.

Most Bitcoin evangelists know that two of the main advantages of cryptocurrency are its ease of use and its lack of restrictions when transferring

On the day of December 8, a user made a gigantic bitcoin transfer of $ 165 million in a single transaction . The transaction fee was 0.00006520 BTC, or about $ 1.20.

Someone just transferred $ 165,000,000 to #bitcoin and paid a fee of 0.00006520BTC or around $ 1.20
One dollar and twenty cents.

This is a transaction fee of 0.00000072%

No third party needed to do this.
No one could stop him.
No one can reverse that.

Most Bitcoin evangelists know that one of the main advantages of cryptocurrency is its ease of use and the absence of restrictions when transferring.

Earlier today, a user sent a massive $ 165 million bitcoin transfer in a single transaction. The transaction fee was 0.00006520 BTC, or about $ 1.20.

Decentralization keeps the network from being run and abused by a single party, but the ability to transfer large sums quickly and cheaply is perhaps one of its most important use cases.

Bitcoin versus other value transfer platforms

While Bitcoin is quickly becoming a dominant global asset, there are other platforms that offer much more value. How do the pricing structures compare then?

At the retail level, if you want to send money to someone, you may be charged a flat or proportional fee (or both) to send money to another user.

For example, if you want to send money through PayPal, it will typically charge specified users a 3.5% fee on the transferred value. If this rule had been applied to the Bitcoin transfer above, this user would have spent $ 5.7 million in fees.

On another platform, such as MoneyGram, a popular international retail money transfer platform, users are charged a fee of US $ 5-20 depending on how quickly they want to receive their money. If you choose the $ 5 fee, it may take 3-5 business days for your money to be transferred.

Even though some complain that Bitcoin transactions are not instantaneous like cash or credit cards, they can still be completed within minutes if the network is not busy.

Asset portability

No one knows who this mystery user is or who he’s sending the money to, but it’s easy to move value across borders with Bitcoin.

One of the biggest drawbacks of physical assets is the lack of portability. If someone has $ 165 million and has to move it to another country, doing so physically would likely be a huge burden.

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Bitcoin is accepted for U.S. passport-services via

U.S. citizens can now pay for some Bitcoin passport services.

Peninsula Visa will partner with Coinbase Commerce to offer this payment option.

Although this is a first in the U.S., Venezuela had already experimented with paying for passports in BTC.

The Trust Project is an international consortium of media organizations based on transparency standards.

Peninsula Visa, a U.S. passport and visa issuing company, now accepts payment in Bitcoin Evolution for some of its services. According to a press release, the company will allow its customers to pay for passport renewal, name changes and a second passport, all through cryptography.

U.S. citizens can now pay for certain passport services with Bitcoin. Peninsula Visa announced on November 11th the change of its accepted payment methods.

Anticipating an increasingly digital post-coronavirus world, the company describes the service as „the right move at the right time“.
Peninsula Visa becomes the first U.S. shipping service to accept Bitcoin

The method of payment in Bitcoin will be provided by Coinbase Commerce. Although the Coinbase payment platform supports alternative cryptocurrencies, nothing in the press release or the product page suggests that Peninsula Visa accepts payments in digital assets other than BTCs.

The company, founded in Silicon Valley in the 1970s, says it plans to expand the passport services it offers via Coinbase payment over the next 12 months.

Evan James, its chief operating officer, said the decision was the right one, given the predictions of an increasingly digital, post-COVID world. He added that Peninsula Visa was delighted to be the first US company of its kind to accept BTC.
Protection against the votility of the BTC

For many industry observers, Bitcoin has somewhat failed as a payment network. The volatility of its price makes its acceptance for goods and services a real headache for some companies.

Peninsula Visa aims to protect itself from this situation by offering a payment window in which the exchange rate is blocked for ten minutes. According to its website, the company can provide a new exchange rate after this period, depending on the evolution of the BTC rates.

A first for the United States, but not worldwide

As mentioned, Peninsula Visa offers the first U.S. passport services for Bitcoin payments. However, at least one other country has already experimented with passport payment by BTC.

As reported by in July, the Venezuelan government has also begun accepting Bitcoin momentarily for passport payments. The launch of this test was due to a new round of U.S. sanctions that hindered the South American nation’s ability to conduct international transactions.

Although censor-resistant Bitcoin payments seem appropriate to Venezuela’s situation, the tests appear to have been short-lived. Indeed, the BTC payment option disappeared from the site shortly after its release.

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Aavegotchi, these virtual companions who can pay off big

You have probably not escaped the enthusiasm for decentralized finance. You may have recently discovered non-fungible tokens (NFTs). These are fascinating ecosystems, in full swing and full of promise. But what about the fusion of these concepts? This is the project of Bitcoin Profit, NFTs based on decentralized finance protocols, in Tamagotchi sauce. If this seems a bit complex to understand, rest assured I will explain all of this to you, and it’s really interesting!

The concept of Aavegotchi

Aavegotchi is a community project supported by a grant from the team of the Aave decentralized finance platform . To put it simply, these are digital ghosts (a sort of virtual Tamagotchis!), With attributes, accessories and especially Aave aTokens .

It is a community-based project (governance by a DAO), carried by the blockchain video game studio Pixelcraft . They now own the Aavegotchi brand and are responsible for its development and monitoring of the public roadmap.

Today, the studio has a great influence on the project in order to quickly develop the functionalities necessary for the launch. However, little by little, the DAO will take more and more importance, allowing everyone to have their say.

Autopsy of an Aavegotchi

Our ghost companions are therefore ways of extracting interest from our cryptocurrencies, but they are also playmates. Thus, we will be able to interact with them, like Tamagotchi (and more interesting!). The Aavegotchis therefore have different characteristics, which make them unique. Here is the list and the explanations of these different characteristics, the Aavegotchis being much more complex creatures than one might think.

Spiritual spirit

The mind of an Aavegotchi is the link between these NFTs and DeFi. It is also what allows their owners to obtain a profitability on these virtual companions. This is a quantity of aTokens linked to Aavegotchi. The longer you keep your Aavegotchi, the more profitable it will be. During a sale, the aTokens are also transferred to the new owner.

Technically, the non-fungible token is the operator of a deposit smart-contract intended to receive aTokens. These aTokens can be obtained through the Aave protocol, by loaning various Ethereum tokens to other users. Each aTokens generates an income, depending on the ROI of the token on loan (Dai, USDT, LINK, AAVE and many others).

If a ghost’s owner collects Bound aTokens, the Aavegotchi is destroyed.

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Ecco come la macroabbitudine del dollaro USA potrebbe mandare Bitcoin in volo

La Bitcoin si sta attualmente consolidando dopo il forte calo registrato ieri

La criptovaluta manca di slancio in quanto i suoi tori e i suoi orsi sembrano entrambi raggiungere un’impasse, il che ha inferto un duro colpo alle sue prospettive tecniche
Uno dei motivi principali per cui BTC ha visto un rifiuto così duro a 13.800 dollari è stato dovuto a un improvviso aumento del valore del dollaro USA visto ieri
Questo ha inviato onde d’urto in tutto il mercato e ha impedito a BTC di rompere la resistenza che stava consolidando contro
Un analista osserva che la persistente correlazione inversa di Bitcoin con il valore del dollaro è una cosa positiva perché esprime segni di immensa debolezza macro

La Bitcoin e il mercato aggregato delle crittografie stanno lottando per guadagnare un po‘ di slancio in questo momento, con la cessione di ieri che ha dato un duro colpo alla tendenza al rialzo degli ultimi giorni e delle ultime settimane.

Gli acquirenti si sono difesi strenuamente da un’interruzione sostenuta al di sotto dei 13.000 dollari, e ogni calo a questo livello è stato affrontato con una significativa pressione di acquisto.

Un fattore che potrebbe aiutare a mandare BTC più in alto a breve termine è la sua correlazione inversa con il dollaro USA.

Anche se questo potrebbe essere stato uno dei motivi per cui ha visto un così duro declino da 13.800 dollari, la macro debolezza della valuta fiat potrebbe agire come combustibile per i missili Bitcoin – secondo un analista.
Bitcoin si consolida mentre i tori cercano di assorbire la pressione di vendita

Al momento della scrittura, Bitcoin è in calo di poco più dell’1% al suo prezzo attuale di 13.130 dollari. Questo è all’incirca il prezzo al quale è stato scambiato nel corso dell’ultima giornata.

Ogni tentativo da parte degli orsi di spingerlo al di sotto dei 13.000 dollari è stato affrontato con una seria pressione di acquisto, dimostrando che i tori sono ancora in lizza per il controllo del suo trend a breve termine.

Il suo prossimo trend potrebbe dipendere in qualche modo dall’Indice di Valuta del Dollaro USA (DXY) – dato che la sua crescente volatilità sta iniziando a influenzare il Bitcoin.
Analista: Il valore del dollaro USA potrebbe presto inviare BTC Rocketing Higher

Pur condividendo le sue riflessioni sull’andamento del mercato a breve termine, un analista ha offerto una prospettiva ottimistica.

Egli indica una struttura tecnica debole vista dal DXY, rilevando che questo potrebbe rafforzare Bitcoin.

„Penso che il dxy sia ancora macro ribassista e che chiunque dica il contrario stia dando di matto. Imo andiamo di traverso e consolidiamo prima di togliere il 91 e fare nuovi minimi. Nel grande schema delle cose questo è un bene per la btc, tuttavia avremo dei cali lungo la strada“, ha detto.

Come l’andamento dei Bitcoin nei prossimi giorni potrebbe dipendere dal fatto che i tori possano guadagnare un vantaggio sugli orsi, ma il DXY potrebbe determinare in larga misura il suo macro trend.

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Las instituciones que apoyan a Bitcoin: qué esperar

Aunque el mercado se vio sacudido cuando el martillo reglamentario golpeó a BitMEX a principios de octubre, desde entonces se ha recuperado. Bitcoin, el mayor activo, notó una presión repentina dado el pánico en el mercado, pero se las arregló para aguantar y recuperarse en los días siguientes y alcanzar un valor de 11.731 dólares, que no se vio en un tiempo.

Incluso cuando Square anunció su inversión en Bitcoin, el mercado absorbió la noticia y no actuó de forma demasiado volátil. Esta ha sido una característica que ha sido señalada como un problema por muchos inversores tradicionales, pero con el tiempo Bitcoin ha ganado madurez y junto con ella, la confianza de los inversores institucionales.

Bakkt, CME, LMAX Digital

Según el proveedor de datos Arcane Research, la bolsa de Bakkt Bitcoin fue testigo de otro mes récord de septiembre a octubre. El aumento del interés de las instituciones siguió principalmente el interés de empresas como Microstrategy y Square.

Dado que la bolsa está dedicada a inversores institucionales en los EE.UU., el aumento de volumen mencionado sugirió el creciente apetito de las instituciones por BTC.

Arcane destacó este crecimiento al señalar que había 400 contratos de BTC que expirarían en octubre en Bakkt. Esto era un aumento del 14% desde septiembre. Mientras que el interés de Open en Bakkt vio un aumento gradual desde mediados de septiembre. El OI el 15 de octubre era de alrededor de 18 millones de dólares, sin embargo, observó una disminución de 3 millones de dólares el 16 de octubre.

Aparte de Bakkt, otras plataformas muy utilizadas por las instituciones fueron LMAX Digital y CME, que también han estado observando un aumento de volumen en octubre. De acuerdo con Skew, LMAX Digital ocupó el segundo lugar en términos de volumen de anuncios de BTC de 24 horas, después de Coinbase.

Sin embargo, LMAX Digital estaba superando el volumen diario de otras bolsas minoristas prominentes como Bitstamp, Kraken y Gemini. Mientras que el interés de la CME mostró una fuerte tendencia al alza desde el principio del mes. Ha pasado de 345 millones de dólares a 515 millones de dólares, el 16 de octubre. Estos fueron indicios bastante evidentes de una fuerte demanda por parte de las instituciones de BTC.

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